The ESSE Course, which started in February 2016 in Hamburg, was continued in May with 17 participants. An introduction to the concept of Educare as a holistic spiritual pedagogy showed approaches of spiritual education in European culture.

The importance of unselfish love in the learning environment and the important role of the teacher as an example of human values gave an orientation to the essential foundations of successful education.

The topic "Self-evaluation on the path of Character Development" was demonstrated through practical examples. In addition, motivational examples of a self-controlled evaluation of values-oriented behaviour among teachers and pupils involved in the education process were shown.

The second day of the seminar was dedicated to the classical five methods of Educare: Silent Sitting/Meditation, Prayer/Quotation, Story-Telling, Group-Singing and Group-Activities. The participants received an introduction to the methods and their objectives and could also gain practical experience.