The ESSE seminar held in October 2017 in Budapest, Hungary was an anticipated continuation of a new journey started in February 2017 for both pedagogues and participants of other walks of life driven to deepen their self-awareness. This time the weekend focused on key topics such as the human values in relation to the human personality, evaluation and self-evaluation, the importance of setting an example, and among others, the pedagogy of integral education. Though only a handful of the approx. 20 participants were pedagogues themselves, the various lectures given by Petra von Kalinowski (DE) and Marianne Meyer (DK) provided valuable input to all those seeking ways of gaining deeper understanding of their own personalities and the mechanisms of everyday life. It is well worth noting that additionally to the audience of Module 1 registered for the seminar, ‘seniors’, who previously had already completed some of the courses, attended this seminar again, bearing in mind that such ‘reminders’ to their already acquired knowledge are the perfect tools to replenish their enthusiasm and persistence to master their own lives.

Upon the request of the participants the current seminar featured a high number of workshops and group discussions, which served as perfect means for them to retrace the theoretical principles shared by the speakers in their own everyday lives and to inspire each other by sharing their personal practical examples.

According to the feedback received at the end of the seminar, the participants found the lectures as well as the workshops very useful. Many of the participants expressed that the lectures once again provided a strong inspiration for them to continue their self-awareness activities, to examine the lives of outstanding personalities who had set an example of applying human values in their work for society, and to find perseverance and courage to overcome the obstacles on their paths. Some participants were even motivated to start their own self-awareness diaries to create a clear view on their everyday habits they wish to address and change for the better.

The participants expressed their wish to continue the training with Module 2b as soon as possible.


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