A wonderful milestone was celebrated this year: 30 years of spreading Sathya Sai Education in Human Values in Europe. The European Sathya Sai Education Institute (ESSE) was founded in 1987 in Copenhagen, Denmark. With the aim of developing and promoting a deeper understanding of the Universal Human Values of Truth, Right Conduct, Love, Peace and Nonviolence, the ESSE Institute has been sharing Sathya Sai Education in Human Values in Europe for the past three decades.

Marianne Meyer, ESSE Institute Director, and Petra von Kalinowski, the Deputy Director, both the founding members opened the festivities. They welcomed 42 participants, who came not only to celebrate, but also to share how they put the teachings in practice in their schools and professional lives. Mrs Meyer opened the event by summing up the history of the ESSE Institute, stressing that Human values are key to achieving Human Excellence and prosperity for the coming generations.

Several alumni and trainers then shared case studies and presentations of how human values have changed and transformed lives for the better in their schools and professional settings. Rainer Benda, a Master Trainer of the Institute, shared results of his research into the role of Human Values in both Western and Eastern philosophical systems.

Dipak Kumar Fakey, a guest from the UK, who was awarded Order of British Empire in 2012 for his service to education and community cohesion in Leicester, UK, shared his experiences of running the Human Values Club in at a primary school for the past twenty years.

George Bebedelis of Greece, Director of ISSE South Europe, has shared his treasured memories of working with the ESSE founding team, namely Thorbjoern Meyer, late ESSE Director, who is remembered and appreciated for his love, wisdom and unparalleled story telling.

All participants contributed by expressing their inputs and opinions regarding the future plans and direction of the ESSE Institute through three parallel workshops and during the closing plenum, all present voiced unanimous resolution to continue the work of spreading the Human Values to teachers and interested public through the established programme.

Participants’ Feedback

“What was amazing to see was that even though some of us could not speak each other’s language but still be could communicate so well and there was only one language, the language of the heart.”

“The presentations from the participants clearly showed that each one had something special to give and has a pivotal role to play in the years to come.”

“I see the ESSE Institute grow into a mighty tree, which will have branches and campuses all over Europe.”

“To remember the beautiful moments of the past and review the achievements accomplished so far was definitely a source of great contentment, but also a spark rekindling new enthusiasm to go ahead.”


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