A European Sathya Sai Education (ESSE) seminar was held in Budapest, Hungary, in March 2018, as part of an ongoing series of ESSE seminars focussed on how to put human values into everyday practice. This Module focused on the practical implementation of value education through various teaching techniques such as the art of asking questions, storytelling, group singing, meditations, and prayers and quotations. The lectures given by Petra von Kalinowski (DE) and Marianne Meyer (DK) to the 14 participants provided insight into the numerous ways of teaching the universal human values, through various activities.

The seminar featured several workshops and group discussions, including a role-playing activity, which served as a perfect means for participants to understand how the methods work, and why they are so efficient.

According to the feedback received at the end of the seminar, the participants found both the lectures and workshops very useful. One of the participants summarised the impact of the course neatly: “I have come to understand the five human values more and more as not just words, but as a necessity.” Other comments highlighted how playing is not just an entertaining but an integral part of learning as well, and how becoming an example to the children is essential in value education. Some participants were motivated to apply the methods to their own lives as well and delve deeper into self-enquiry.