The ESSE seminar held in September 2018 in Budapest was the last theoretical chapter of Course 1 started in Hungary February 2017 for both pedagogues and participants of other occupations.

This weekend focused on the core tenets of SSHEV, namely Unity of Head, Heart and Hand, Unity of faiths, Unity in diversity, Ceiling on desires and Selfless service. The lectures given and workshops offered by Petra von Kalinowski (DE) and Marianne Meyer (DK) to the 13 participants provided insight into the roots, philosophy and practical implementation of these core tenets in everyday life and school life as well. Additionally the lecturers provided the participants with a methodology and hints on preparing their own presentations.

According to the feedback received at the end of the seminar, the participants found both the lectures and workshops very useful. Several of the comments indicated that the seminar was inspiring to involve children into more selfless service projects. Other participants were motivated to go deeper into self-enquiry and see how it is possible to implement the core tenets in their own lives.